human health care

At Eisai we believe that in order to “give first thought to patients and their families” we must first seek to understand the lives of our patients, their carers and their families. By seeing life from their perspective we strive to understand and satisfy the unmet medical needs of our patients and healthcare professionals. We endeavour to empathise with patients and to respect them as real people with feelings and emotions – not simply as patients to be treated with our medicines.

hhc helps to focus and motivate our employees, whether they are researching potential new medicines, conducting studies, working in manufacturing or informing healthcare professionals of the benefits of our medicines.

We believe that in order to truly consider the perspectives of patients and their families, it is important for each employee to first get close to patients and see the situation through their eyes to learn to pick up on thoughts and feelings that might not necessarily always be expressed in words. It is this concept that is the starting point for all of Eisai's corporate activities. 

hhc projects at work

In 2010 the French epilepsy team created a beautifully simple but highly effective hhc project designed to get a better understanding of children with epilepsy. By giving children with epilepsy some colouring pens and paper, and asking them to draw their experience of epilepsy, the epilepsy team, as well as the Neurologists working with children, were able to better understand what epilepsy meant to their younger patients.